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Irrigation and Fogging Solutions from HSL

Greenhouse irrigation systems from a UK provider of quality

horticultural equipment.


HSL has the experience and know-how to help install and improve glasshouse

irrigation systems, no matter what the size or application.


Catering for all types of growing situations, we can provide support and parts,

while coordinating design and installation for the following areas:



* Overhead Irrigation Systems

* Drip Irrigation Systems

* Boom Irrigation Systems

* Fogging and Misting Systems

* Automatic Filtration Systems

Total Climate Control with HSL Fogging

Fogging systems project fine spray into the glasshouse or poly-tunnel which then

evaporates in the warm atmosphere. HSL can provide climate control fogging/misting systems that improve atmospheric humidity, while also cooling room temperatures down by four to seven degrees.


HSL offers the very latest automated solutions for mist propagation, with a wide

selection of equipment for all manner of growing applications. All HSL’s high pressure

fog (misting) systems come with a quality guarantee, offering high performance, and

low maintenance, for years to come.


Contact HSL today to find out more about cost-effective irrigation and fogging products:

Tel: (+44) 01482 665449


Irrigation and Glasshouse Sundries

HSL works with many clients, large and small, with regard to irrigation pipework and fittings. From PVC pipework to miscellaneous fittings, water storage tanks and dripline - give us a call to check the very latest competitive prices.

No matter how small or large your order, we can supply quality, low-cost PVC piping for any irrigation system. Contact Craig at Horticultural Solutions today for a quote.

HSL has a large catalogue of products to hand, from hoses to sprinklers, filters, pumps and fittings. Rest assured, we will always supply items at the very best prices.


Telephone HSL: 01482 665449

We supply water storage and slurry tanks in a range of sizes. Email or call HSL today to get up-to-the-minute pricing on the best quality products.

HSL supplies drive units and motors, rack and pinion systems and accessories.


* Ridder

* De Gier

* Lock



Commercial Glasshouses

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  • Commercial Glasshouse Design
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  • Energy Control Systems
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  • Irrigation / Fogging Solutions
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Global Expertise

  • Ontario Plants, Canada
  • Village Farms, USA
  • University of Mexico City
  • Stokman Roses, Kenya
  • Wideroe, Norway
  • Eden Project, UK
  • Van Den Berg Roses, China
  • Oman Botanic Gardens, Oman