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HSL and INTA Crop Technology

HSL is working in cooperation with world leading climate and irrigation systems specialist, INTA Crop Technology. Contact HSL to learn more.


This agreement means HSL is a point of contact for all of INTA’s cutting-edge climate and irrigation control systems, such as the popular Allmix fertigation and CDC climate control systems.


INTA Crop Technology is very much a science-led firm, made up of technicians in electronics, telecommunications, computer control programmers and agronomists. INTA offers systems which provide a rational and efficient solution for the fertigation of crops and the climate control of greenhouses.


As a result of close cooperation with growers and innovative agronomists, INTA has developed a wide variety of controllers, which continue to evolve to cover all plant needs. In such a competitive market, INTA’s commitment is to help customers to achieve high levels of productivity and quality, which will help them to compete with good results.


INTA and HSL working in the UK

INTA Crop Technology’s systems are used worldwide, but they also have a strong presence in the UK, where they are employed at a number of leading growers.


INTA environmental system users include Allensmore Nurseries, in Herefordshire, which is one of the country’s leading growers and wholesalers, producing over five million plants a year. David Moule, of Mill Lane Nursery, Pershore, Worcestershire is also an INTA user of Irrigation Fertigation mixing systems.


INTA Crop Technology's product portfolio covers all manner of climate and irrigation control systems to suit all size of budgets, from small nurseries to major international growers. HSL and INTA can offer full installation or plug and play solutions, with online and UK technical support. No matter where your next horticultural project is to be based, worldwide or in the UK, speak to HSL about any of INTA Crop Technology’s product range today


Golf Courses

Working alongside greenkeepers and course managers, INTA has developed a fertigation system specially adapted to the golf course..


With higher control on the fertilizer supply, the fertilizer formula can be adjusted to fit a club's specific needs at any time. INTA systems ensure higher efficiency in fertilizer application, meaning better quality grass..


Crucially, INTA avoids machinery working on the grass, which is especially important when sowing grass seed. Better grass growth, faster recovering and uniform colour is more evident when the water quality is maintained with an INTA system..


INTA Crop Technology Worldwide

Robust and reliable controllers can be installed worldwide to work with any crop. INTA control systems can work in 13 different languages, with leading-edge control systems installed in 31 different countries.

Tel: +44(0) 1482 665449


INTA product examples

Working in cooperation with INTA Crop Technology, HSL can help its customers research the entire climate and irrigation systems control product range. Here is just a small example of popular products sold by the horticulture systems specialist.

Allmix 16 fits even in the simplest installations, without losing its reliability. This basic version of the Allmix family matches the needs of many growers without the added complexity of the larger Allmix products, at a cost which competes with conventional fertilizer injectors.Allmix 16 is a smart choice for growers. DOWNLOAD PDF

The CDN fertigation equipment meets growers’ highest expectations, designed and built with top quality components and offering a performance that has been proved reliable over many years. The CDN is accurate, robust and reliable. It is equipped with magnetic pumps and dosing 3-way valves, working through the mixing tank. This system also works with fertilizer counters, controlling up to 8 fertilizer tanks (7 + pH). DOWNLOAD PDF

The CDC climate controller has been designed to cover the requirements of the most sophisticated greenhouses and the most demanding customers. It is the highest level of INTA’s climate controllers and it can control the following elements: Heating, Air heating, Screens, Ventilation, Humidification systems, Fans, Light, and Blow up double plastic layer. Each controller can control up to four independent compartments and can be connected to other controllers in the same location to make a network, which can be managed from a PC with the SYSCLIMA, INTA’s climate control application.


The compact but powerful CLIMA 16 climate controller is capable of managing the following parameters, in several configurable versions, adaptable to your needs: Heating, Air heating, Screens, Ventilation, Humidification systems, Fans, Blow up double plastic layer, and CO2. A compact weather station [EMT-16] can connect to CLIMA 16, to monitor speed and wind direction, rain detection and outside temperature. DOWNLOAD PDF

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