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From major new glasshouse projects to energy efficiency - talk to HSL today to make your project ideas become reality


HSL is committed to offering its clients the consultancy, products and services that fit their requirements, conditions, and budget. Whether you are looking to refurbish, modernise, equip or build new greenhouses, advice from experienced professionals is vital.


HSL is the perfect partner for advice and the creation of complete horticulture projects - from the initial drawings, planning then through to the completion of the project. With our

experience and a network of reliable partners in the UK and worldwide, we have the expertise

available to provide complete horticultural solutions whatever the situation.

A Network of Horticultural Expertise

Whether you’re a commerical grower looking to build or expand, or a retail business planning water management and energy efficiency improvements, HSL’s Victor Lambert and Craig Took will be able to guide your plans from conception to reality - and always well within time and budget. With decades of industry experience, and strong connections with everyone from glasshousedesigners to

benching and boom irrigation - HSL is a single point of contact for all horticulture needs. HSL works alongside a network of industry experts to bring its clients the very best horticultural knowledge, including industry leader Roger Saint, who specialises in energy conservation and control systems worldwide.


With decades of experience in the fast-moving horticulture industry, HSL offers a one-stop shop for all projects, from Biomass heating installations to new glasshouse builds and refurbs in the UK and worldwide. Whether you're a commercial grower looking to build or expand, or a retail business looking to improve irrigation and energy efficiency, we can help - call HSL today for a fast, reliable, single point of contact for all your horticultural needs.


victor@horticultural solutionsltd.com


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Decades of Experience

HSL's team has decades of horticulture experience, covering all sectors from commercial glasshouse design and manufacture through to energy control systems and logistics management. Allow us to introduce some members of our international team:

Having started out in horticulture 1975, Victor Lambert worked as MD of Van Vliet and then Hortimax, before starting Horticultural Solutions Ltd in 2007.


Working alongside Victor at Van Vliet and Hortimax, Craig now runs HSL's UK operation from its HQ in Brough, East Yorkshire, managing all sales and marketing operations.


HSL works with a network of international horticulture specialists, including Roger Saint, who has experience of energy control systems from biomass to fossil fuels.


Roger Saint - shcsaint@aol.com

HSL partners projects worldwide, such as AHT's innovative GrowStation. Prakash Kumar's technology promises to increase yield, stabilization and crop quality.


Prakash Kumar - pk@aht.gb.com


Commercial Glasshouses

Our Services

  • Commercial Glasshouse Design
  • Commercial Glasshouse Builds
  • Energy Control Systems
  • Screening Solutions
  • Irrigation / Fogging Solutions
  • Benching
  • Automatic Filtration Systems
  • All Horticultural Consultancy

Global Expertise

  • Ontario Plants, Canada
  • Village Farms, USA
  • University of Mexico City
  • Stokman Roses, Kenya
  • Wideroe, Norway
  • Eden Project, UK
  • Van Den Berg Roses, China
  • Oman Botanic Gardens, Oman