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Biomass and Fossil Fuel Energy Advice

Enjoy total climate control using cutting-edge energy systems including cost-effective biomass and fossil fuel installations.


Working alongside industry-leading energy management consultant Roger Saint, HSL

can provide its customers with advice on all manner of heating solutions using anything

from biomass heating installations to conventional gas, oil, coal and air.


Growers can use HSL for full turn-key solutions or for a basic design and calculation-only service. HSL can undertake concept evaluations, while we also provide an energy advisory service to clients across the UK and worldwide. HSL has wide-reaching experience working across all manner of growing applications, so save money from the outset and contact HSL’s Victor Lambert or Craig Took to discuss your upcoming energy plans.

Biomass: worth investing?

Energy costs are the main talking point across the world of horticulture today - and

for good reason. Costs are spiralling, and roughly 30% of the UK’s renewable energy

target (for 2020) is expected to come from renewable heat. Working alongside

energy consultant Roger Saint HSL can advise on any form of heating, including biomass heating installations.


Although biomass systems need more space and a greater starting investment

than the equivalent fossil fuel installations, fuel cost savings can be high and

repay relatively quickly - especially if replacing an oil-based system.


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Decades of Experience

HSL's team has decades of horticulture experience, covering all sectors from commercial glasshouse design and manufacture through to energy control systems and logistics management. Allow us to introduce some members of our international team:

Having started out in horticulture 1975, Victor Lambert worked as MD of Van Vliet and then Hortimax, before starting Horticultural Solutions Ltd in 2007.

Victor Lambert -

Working alongside Victor at Van Vliet and Hortimax, Craig now runs HSL's UK operation from its HQ in Brough, East Yorkshire, managing all sales and marketing operations.


Craig Took -

HSL works with a network of international horticulture specialists, including Roger Saint, who has experience of energy control systems from biomass to fossil fuels.


Roger Saint -

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Global Expertise

  • Ontario Plants, Canada
  • Village Farms, USA
  • University of Mexico City
  • Stokman Roses, Kenya
  • Wideroe, Norway
  • Eden Project, UK
  • Van Den Berg Roses, China
  • Oman Botanic Gardens, Oman