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HSL works in cooperation with Inverca

HSL is working in cooperation with world leading greenhouse structure specialist Inverca, offering solutions to any type of grower, of any size.


Inverca builds polyhouses at many price points, from strong single layer polythene film, up to high-tech flexible plates made from polycarbonate and PVC.


Its galvanized steel structures can withstand any challenge from the elements, from wind and snow to hail and crop loads. And with a variety of covering options, Inverca can build to order, from the smallest nursery extension all the way up to vast 100,000m2 growing sites. Speak to HSL about using Inverca’s horticultural building experience today


A Track Record of Success

Working in cooperation with HSL, Inverca is a well-respected industry veteran, having collaborated in the last 25 years building millions of m2 structures with the biggest producers of fruit and vegetables across the world - Bonnysa, Agrobay, Group Dole, Agrícola Paloma, Fresh Del Monte.


Put simply, Inverca is a huge player in horticulture; one that can be trusted to provide a cost-effective solution that makes you more money, on time and within budget.


Small Extensions for Commercial Growers

Inverca develops projects and polyhouses for any kind of crop, so if you are looking for a new structural installation, Inverca can be trusted to see it through to completion with whole warranties.


If you have any questions about Inverca products, then speak to HSL about working with a world leader in greenhouse design. You can use any of the contact details below to get in touch.


Design Examples






Click on this link to see more examples of Inverca structure styles available for your growing needs, and use any of the contact details below to get a free, no-obligation budget and estimate today..

Tel: +44(0) 1482 665449


About Inverca structures

Working in cooperation with Inverca, HSL can help its customers build the perfect growing structure. With myriad material types and configurations available, there is sure to be a polyhouse design to suit your exact needs..


Inverca-built greenhouses are designed, calculated and developed to support the most testing weather conditions, be it the effects of wind, snow or hail. Its greenhouses are also strong enough to cope with heavy crop loads.

Built in galvanized steel using a process known as hot immersion, Inverca’s quick-to-assemble frames are built according to the highest European standards [UNE EN-10327:2007]. The joints are fixed with steel screws [DIN 931,933 and 934], while every structure's resistance to traction is 80kg/mm2, with an acidic-zinc finish of 12 micras and one bicromated layer of 20”.

HSL and Inverca can adapt any type of covering to suit your needs, from single layer polythene film to double layer.


Inverca and HSL also offers flexible plate systems using: PVC, Polycarbonate and Methacrylate coverings among others. Structures can also be built using glass with galvanised and pre-laquered sides and gables.

Inverca's modular build systems are easy to design and straightforward to install, meaning projects can be completed on time and within budget. Contact HSL today to talk about moving forward with an Inverca build.

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