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Bosman and HSL Commercial Glasshouses

Working hand-in-hand with worldwide engineering specialist, Bosman International, HSL offers a central point of contact for your upcoming build or extension


Bosman International provides project support or full turn-key projects. All the knowledge and resources you will need to see your glasshouse project through to completion are available in-house.


Bosman International has its own consulting office, engineering and production departments, offering a central point of contact for your entire project. By retaining responsibility for production, we can be very flexible with designs - implementing variations in structural design using steel and aluminium for the most complex and detailed of requirements.


Bosman International is a worldwide engineering specialist, with far-reaching experience in climate and architectural technologies. The company enjoys a presence in Poland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Japan, the USA and, of course, throughout Holland.

Venlo and Wide-span Glasshouse Designs

Bosman International builds wide-span greenhouses in standard sizes of 8.00, 9.60, 12.80 and 15.00 metres, but any span needed up to 40 metres is possible, depending on your requirements. Wide-span greenhouses are popular for their optimum ventilation capacity, good climate control and sound construction. Insect netting and ceiling-mounted roller screens are easy to install from these structures - this can be discussed at project start.


Bosman International supplies two basic types of greenhouse: Venlo and Wide-Span, of unlimited height. Ceiling and gable systems are installed using various types of glass or plastic glazing materials. Various ceiling and ventilation systems are possible; single or multiple ridge vents, gable vents and even Max-Air systems. A second or third cultivation level is another design option.


Decades of Experience

HSL's team has decades of horticulture experience, covering all sectors from commercial glasshouse design and manufacture through to energy control systems and logistics management. Allow us to introduce some members of our international team:

Having started out in horticulture 1975, Victor Lambert worked as MD of Van Vliet and then Hortimax, before starting Horticultural Solutions Ltd in 2007.

Victor Lambert -

Working alongside Victor at Van Vliet and Hortimax, Craig now runs HSL's UK operation from its HQ in Brough, East Yorkshire, managing all sales and marketing operations.


Craig Took -

HSL works with a network of international horticulture specialists, including Roger Saint, who has experience of energy control systems from biomass to fossil fuels.


Roger Saint -


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