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Working hand-in-hand with worldwide screening specialists, HSL offers a central point of contact for all screening and shading needs.


Horticultural Solutions Limited supplies energy screens (for roof and exterior walls) and shading screens to reduce solar radiation, which can be dangerous for some plants.


Working in partnership with world-leading specialists, screens are carefully installed, tested and put into operation, perfectly suited to your needs and always reliable.

HSL - UK Screening and Shading Specialist

Although the importance of light should never be underestimated, in certain crops darkness is essential too. You have to control the intensity of direct sun with the greenhouse shade screen.


Shading systems also can help to save energy in the greenhouse and to control photoperiod. Screens may be installed on a moveable slide system in order to open and close them, depending on the outside weather conditions and the needs of the crop.


HSL has overseen installations of large-scale shading and screening throughout the UK and Ireland for universities, garden centres, commercial nurseries and private establishments. Our clients include Leicester University, Southampton University, along with projects in Durham

and Dublin.

Wim Van Dorp is widely regarded as one of the leading screen designers in the horticultural industry. Wim has knowledge and experience spanning some 36 years, and has a working

agreement with Horticultural Solutions to provide quality, cost effective screen and insect netting designs and installations.


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Tel: (+44) 01482 665449


Decades of Experience

HSL's team has decades of horticulture experience, covering all sectors from commercial glasshouse design and manufacture through to energy control systems and logistics management. Allow us to introduce some members of our international team:

Having started out in horticulture 1975, Victor Lambert worked as MD of Van Vliet and then Hortimax, before starting Horticultural Solutions Ltd in 2007.

Victor Lambert -

Working alongside Victor at Van Vliet and Hortimax, Craig now runs HSL's UK operation from its HQ in Brough, East Yorkshire, managing all sales and marketing operations.


Craig Took -

HSL works with a network of international horticulture specialists, including Roger Saint, who has experience of energy control systems from biomass to fossil fuels.


Roger Saint -

KGP's Screening expert is widely regarded as one of the leading screening designers in the industry. Working alongside HSL, we can provide the most cost-effective solution for you.


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Global Expertise

  • Ontario Plants, Canada
  • Village Farms, USA
  • University of Mexico City
  • Stokman Roses, Kenya
  • Wideroe, Norway
  • Eden Project, UK
  • Van Den Berg Roses, China
  • Oman Botanic Gardens, Oman